Leadership Development

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.

Our daughters (known as Ticktockers or TTs) are guided throughout their NCL, Inc. years in various cultural experiences.

In 7th grade, the focus is on:

  • Meeting Conduct: Agendas, Order of Business, Parliamentary Procedure, Meeting Etiquette
  • Project Management: Calendar Etiquette – Timely Notifications, RSVPs
  • Written Communication Skills: Social Networking Etiquette
  • TT Responsibility: Role and Responsibilities, Nomination Process

Our 8th grade girls focus on:

  • Meeting Conduct: Parliamentary Procedure – Steps to Making Motions
  • Project Management: Coordinating Meeting Support
  • Confidence: Projecting a Positive Self Image
  • Communication Skills: Social Networking Etiquette/Safety, Elevator Speech, Email/Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Independent Living/Life Skills: High School Preparedness, Goal Setting, Self-Sufficiency, Nutrition/Cooking, Basic First Aid Skills
  • TT Responsibility: Good Transition of Roles/Responsibilities, Rising to Leadership – Anyone can be a Leader

In 9th grade, the girls learn the following:

  • Meeting Conduct: TT Led Grade Level Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure – Making a Motion/Discussing a Motion
  • Project Management: Planning an Event from Beginning to End
  • Independent Living/Life Skills: Self Defense Course, Influence of Alcohol/Drugs, Stress Management /Time Management
  • TT Responsibility: Getting Involved can be FUN
  • Leadership Styles

As Sophomores, the girls focus on:

  • Meeting Conduct: TT Led Grade Level Meetings, Listening to Understand, “So What Reporting”
  • Project Management: Learning How to Replan Events
  • Independent Living/ Life skills: Dating Safety, Personal Safety/Rape Prevention, Car Safety/Maintenance, Defensive Driving, Driving Etiquette
  • Email and Cell Phone Etiquette Refresher
  • Interviewing Skills: Job Interview Practice, Job Interview Etiquette
  • Testing Skills: PSAT, SAT, ACT Prep
  • TT Responsibility: Being Ready to Lend a Hand

Our Junior Ticktockers have the following leadership development:

  • Meeting Conduct: TT Led Grade Level Meetings, The Art of Compromise, Understanding Voting Rules
  • Project Management: Senior Event Planning (Last ½ of Year)
  • ***(Optional) College Preparation: College Choice, College Applications/Essays, College Finances
  • Independent Living/Life skills: Female Health – Knowing the New Norms in Healthcare, Healthy Decision-Making, Personal Finances
  • Communication skills: Social /Business correspondence
  • TT Responsibility: Working on Committees

And our Seniors’ leadership development focuses on:

  • Meeting Conduct: TT Led Grade Level Meetings, Perfecting The Art of Compromise
  • Project Management: Senior Event Planning, Importance of Detail Planning
  • College Preparation: College Survival Skills, Good Study Habits, Revisit Time Management Skills
  • Independent Living/Life Skills: Credit Card Safety, Protecting Your Personal Information, Maintaining Good Physical Health
  • Communication Skills: Invitations & Replies
  • Public Speaking: Elevator Speech
  • TT Responsibility: No Job Is Too Small to Help Attain Success

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