Our Leaders

Chapter Board

Presidents Krista Willard and Lora Franz

President Elects    Stephanie Mason and Anita Lane

VPs Membership   Rebecca Frith and Debbie Frickey

VP Communications   Jill Richardi

VP Provisionals  Joy Matteson

VP Technology Julie Lindsey

Treasurers Mimi Bassett (pictured) and Becky Akers

Parliamentarian  Kristen Solo

VPs Ticktockers  Margo Chandler and Marti Kirschbaum-Markus

VPs Philanthropy  Kim Batterson

VPs Patroness Activities  Cheryl Lewis, Nichole Tygart, Lisa Anne Voight and Jodi Zueger

Secretary  Aimee Gassman


Back: Becky Akers, Julie Lindsey, Joy Matteson, Kristen Solo, Cheryl Lewis

Front: Krista Willard, Anita Lane, Lora Franz, Nichole Tygart